Let's take a Moment of Silence

You know I have been beating myself up constantly when it comes to my business and my platform on social media. I continuously let myself down time & time again knowing that the only outcome is defeat. Constantly comparing myself to other people without giving myself credit to all the accomplishments I have completed. Repeatedly creating this dark cloud of demoralizing myself and the generating this false reflection of who I am because of my results. Breaking myself down time and time again because I feel like I am talking to a wall. Creating a force field of depression because they're so many followers and no engagers. I feel like I have been chasing a never ending train of approval and recognition.

From people who could care less, but also from people who are not me. Simple.

There is more than just social media. And I have continuously put Social Media on a platform higher than my own mental health. Decreasing my ability to be free and to uncontrollably creative. I have been placing myself under so much pressure that I've birthed a monster. I have been getting my business off the ground and since social media is the main focal point of interest for consumers and businesses I have been trying to uphold that standard. But it has been defeating me time and time again!

I have been stuck between fighting for a platform for my business and my mental health.

Forming a consistency for what I am most passionate about, and peace. I became obsessed because I feel like I've been working so hard and receiving results that some that have been working as hard as me for the same amount of time receives more recognition and incentive. I have just been exhausting myself to impress people, and receive recognition from those who honestly aren't my crowd and who don't owe me absolutely anything. I have been so social media obsessed & driven that I have lost sight on what exactly I have been doing this for. It's time to self reflect. It's time to look within.

It's time to love myself more.

It's time to realize how important and valuable I am. The change has come. And I shall now do what I want & freely create.