Full Moon in Virgo🌿♍️

As I listen to Beyoncé, how can you step out of your estimate and into your essence ? In the words of the Virgo herself, life is your birth right, they hid that in the fine print. It's time to realize what you're building is your true north & your destiny. It's all about constructing your reality and also a path for those after you. What legacy do you want to leave behind ? Virgo is the sign of being detailed orientated, efficient, practical and logical. They are quite the harvesters because they are historically connected to the Goddess of wheat🌾, the Goddess of Earth🌿, Demeter.

Let this moon bring about a sense of self worth & an understanding that with each step brings a new beginning, and a new time to sharpen your skills! A new chance to be greater than your last step. To believe that each moment is a new opportunity to call in a fresh start. With it being Pisces season with a full moon in its opposite sign Virgo, we are being called to believe in our ability to create. and planet seeds. We are the creator as we connect to our inner Goddess Demeter to plant those seeds and help us harvest a new beginning for ourselves. Whether that be a new journey into a new home, industry, project, into a fresh relationship or out of one that brings us despair.

Let this energy bring you new horizons and connect you closer to your destiny and fullest potential as a spiritual being living out its humanly experience & existence.

Journal Prompts

How can you step out of your estimate and into your essence ?

Who do you look up to or admire ? If you had a sit down conversation with them personally, what would you imagine they would tell you ?

Also what makes you admire that person ? What have they taught you as a observer ?

What is something new you would like to plant & watch grow over time ?

How can you switch it up and try something new ?

What self care activities can you do to make you remember who tf you are ?

How can you sharpen your skills to move up higher on the ladder of success ?

Have you started ? If not, what's holding you back ?

Self Care Tips for this Moon

  • Mediate will burning Earthy Incenses | Focus on Root and Throat Chakra.
  • Buy/ Burn these essential oils | Eucalyptus, Lavender, Rosemary, Peppermint. Just to name a few.
  • Revisit that project with a fresh pair of eyes.
  • Take a nap.
  • Buy a new money plant for your space.
  • Mirror talks.