Aquarius New Moon

According to Chinese Zodiac, we will be officially in the Year of the Rabbit; specifically the Water Rabbit. 2023 marks the year of the 7ven | 2 + 0+ 2 + 3 = 7.

They say the Water Rabbit is a well-known, intuitive, thoughtful person. When it comes to the intuition it has a lot to do with the inner universe within you. To me is the collective consciousness that connects you to your ancestors, the universe & your soul. Providing you guidance beyond your own personal experience. So with that being said, 7ven is known as the intuitive, the seeker of knowledge, the in between of spiritual & physical, and so forth. This year it is all about expanding in both areas. Don't miss this opportunity for expansion because the payout is more than worth it. It could catapult you to exactly where you are destined to be, or at least directly on that path. Let his Aquarius new moon bring in new energy for your spirit & lifestyle. Your growth is going to be massive & now that retrograde is finished, may everything that you re-evaluated & re-constructed be watered with the mother energy of la luna ! More below : )

Zodiac Energy | Tarot & Oracle

(R) = Reversed | Please research your cards ! Makes it even more fun -

Research is your best friend in Year 7VEN

Aries | Oracle Card : Sun - Source | Tarot Card : Knight of Wands | Soul Oracle : Blame - I accept responsibility for my well being.

Taurus | Oracle Card : Chiron Heal | Tarot Card: Strength | Soul Oracle : Honesty: I can't always expect the truth from others, but I can expect it from myself.

Gemini | Oracle Card: Pallas Athena | Tarot Card : 6 of Coins (R) | Soul Oracle : Surrender: I can release my need to control.

🎰Cancer | Oracle : Fourth House | Tarot : Queen of Cups | Soul Oracle : Happiness: I am aware that being happy means that I am on the right path. (2 cancer placements home placements) 4TH & Queen of 🏆s.

Leo | Oracle : Capricorn - Achieve + Saturn - Structure | Tarot: 8 of Coins (R) | Soul : Surrender - I can release my need to control.

Virgo | Oracle : Progressions - Journey ; Trust the tides, and set your own sails | Tarot : 4 of Coins | Soul Oracle : Abundance - I am a limitless being, and I can manifest whatever I desire in this physical reality. | Self Esteem : I possess gifts of the soul that benefit me & others.

Libra | Oracle : Neptune | Tarot: High Priestess (R) | Soul Oracle : Patience - I accept that everything happens in Divine Order. | Patience is key for beauty & harmony.

Scorpio | Oracle: Pisces - Sensitize | Tarot : 7 of Coins + 9of Swords | Soul : Failure - I understand that a mistake is only an opportunity to learn.

Sagittarius | Oracle: Square - Tension | Tarot: 8 of Coins | Soul : Courage - I find the inner strength to face fear with confidence !

Capricorn | Oracle: Mars - Motion | Tarot: 10 of Swords + The Star (R) | Soul : - Surrender : I can release my need to control.

Aquarius | Oracle : Conjunction - Alliance | Tarot: Queen of Coins | Soul : Relationships - I am attracted to those people who serve my higher good.

Pisces | Oracle : Square - Tension + Twelfth House - Introspection | Tarot: The Devil | Soul : Change - I understand that nothing can grow or evolve without movement.

New Star Moon | Aquarius Moon

Journal Prompts

Where am I dimming my light to fit in ?

Can more research help me plan/organize my next steps ?

Where can I put in more time & energy into my projects or home ?

How can I start thinking outside of the box ?

Where could I start having more fun ?

Am I afraid of being different ?

How can I start embracing my own weird ? Why did I stop ?

Who would benefit from my _____ (Product, Service, Gifts, love, energy etc) would be ...

How can I bring more love into the situation ?

Bonus Reading

Mini Reading

I mean wow look at this spread ! We have been through hell and back when it comes to emotional turmoil, relationship issues, or even financial losses. But let's take a few steps forward. Now that this storm is on its way out, let's bring in that new world we have been praying for. Just because the skies have been gloomy does not mean that the sun is not right around the corner. The rainbow will show itself in all aspects of your life. Something new is knocking on the door. Whether it be a new spirituality journey, stardom, a revelation that reaches its climax, or even a fresh start to a new beginning. The opportunities that were once invisible becomes clear. Don't be surprised if you "run" into new opportunities "by chance".

Spread love during this time even if energy feels off/interesting. Your good karma will not go unnoticed !

In the next coming months you will feel more fulfilled than before. Take this moment as a time to heal & rebuild ! After all this is winter season aka Hibernation season. Plan now, plant after, and water continuously.

Full Collective - Pick A Card - Reading available above !

Oracle | Full Moon in Cap - Cardinal / Earth


Let's start counting our blessings. Even though the full moon in Capricorn isn't until Cancer season. This moon is here to give us a brief message from the universe & from your future. This New Moon is a sign of completion when it comes to a challenging cycle. Something that has caused a chain of events regarding your finances, reputation, or even your career or interconnections. Look forward to the next coming weeks. For there will be new opportunities to expand, heal, and journey out of this current situation. Lucky Numbers; 1, 10, 3, 7, 11, 27