Full Moon in Leo

It's time to confront those dark shadows, doubts, and limitations. This Full Moon brings in a shine to those areas that seem dark & treacherous. It is time to dance in the moon light & recreate that inner flame & voice that lights your soul on fire. This full moon is in the Fiery Sign, Leo ! Where being bold & wild co-exist and create an unforgettable frequency. Stop being weighed down by the limitations & lines that keep you defined.

Break those barriers by creating the reality you choose to live. Generate that wealth you have been manifesting for months & for some, years ! Be colorful, be B O L D, be grateful, be different, and most of all, be sexy. Let your inner feline take over & don't forget to acknowledge those dark areas that need some of your tender love & care ! Who you are, even if it was a part of your past, is strong & courageous ! It's time to embrace those dark times and shadows and throw some glitter & light in those areas. No MORE SHAME ! The future is asking you to think about what makes you gifted & what initiates your path to fulfillment.

Just follow the yellow brick road.

Zodiac Energy | Tarot + Oracle

Aries - Justice - Things come to a balance & harmony under this full moon. May the next few weeks bring you clarity & peace. Don't force, just let it flow & let it go. What might have seemed unfair, comes to the surface.

Taurus - High Priestess - Focus on those psychic downloads. You are a channel that is being guided down the right path to something wondrous. Don't block your own light or love. For it will be the reason you stay stuck.

Gemini - 10 of Swords - It's time to move forward from what keeps you stuck mentally. Unchain yourself & feel the breeze. When you hit rock bottom, there is only one way to go & that is UP ! (watch the pick a card episode for this week for clarity)

Cancer - 7 of Wands - On new levels, why argue ? Why explain ? If THEY got a problem. That's them. Don't fight. Move forward with class. They mad b/c you are climbing. So stay focused, and let them figure it out.

Leo - 10 of Swords (R) - Stand still. Recalibrate. Assess the situation. And then proceed. Re-organize and re-structure. You are doing just fine, even if things seem not according to your standards. Growth is happening, be patient.

Virgo - The Lovers (R) - Work on the relationship with yourself & you will be able to mend the relationships with others ! A relationship may be rocky right now. Take space & then communicate what went wrong after. Just breathe & move your body & journal.

Libra - Temperance - It is time to bring more balance into your own frequency right now. Balance this fire that is burning within side of you. Don't lash out, dance or go to an event or even walk on the beach at night. Blast some music & move around. Create ART. Flow with the fire, don't let it consume you.

Scorpio -Page of Cups (R) - Let this full moon show you how to get inspired again. I told libra to not let it consume them, but for you scorpio let his full moon consume you. Let it light your phoenix back out of the darkness. This is your time to reinvent yourself - but always remember your value.

Sagittarius - The Hang Man - Don't get caught up in the drama. Just be an observer, IF it forms right in front of you. It's time to let go of the mental powers that keep you in turmoil. Including everyone else's drama ! Turn that frown upside down & let people know, not today ! Be in your own element & dream big.

Capricorn - Temperance - Balance your mind, your account, and your sensual pleasures with toxic partners. Connect with your body & vessel & heal parts of you that you tend to ignore. I'm hearing that heavy for you guys. Do some breathing exercises and let yourself be weird.

Aquarius - 6 of Swords - Leave behind everything that seems old world. That seems like someone else's thoughts or dream. Or even leave behind that ex ! Move into new territories & have fun getting to know a whole new WORLD ! *Jasmine's Voice*

Pisces - The Moon- Let the darkest shadows reveal themselves. Pour water into them & find a way to love those parts of yourself. This moon is going to create a shadow effect for you guys & just remember that the moon lights the way ! And that the light is you & always within you. Flow angel.

Journal Prompts

What do you want to manifest next for your career ?

How can you step more into your power ?

What is holding you back from evolving ?

Who are you looking to call in emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and .. romantically ?

Is your heart chakra closed ?

Who deserves to be in your circle ?

How can you begin pushing yourself to your ultimate limit ?