222 Angelic Synchronicities

Do you ever see "Angel Numbers"

Angel numbers (111, 777, 444) are known as secret messages that show up on clocks, license plates, addresses, and even receipts. These numeric synchronicities are gifts from our ancestors and from the universe, hence the term, "Angel Numbers." They always speak truth into our personal realities sending us daily reminders for what we may need clarity on within our lifestyles. For example, 111 signifies leadership, personal power, willpower, self-reflection, purpose and individuality. Each numeric combination of magic creates a pillar of protection and knowledge beyond our physical realms. So 222 signifies duality, relationships/ partnerships, love, reflections, balance, compromise, and harmony. Each Angel Number connects to a message that brings the mind, body, and soul into enlightenment. Conditioning the spirit to evolve and transcend past it's original teaching. Providing spiritually, guided advice to those who seek the hidden messages & signs of the angels. So heading into 2022 we will have Jupiter the Planet of Luck, transiting through Pisces. Blessing our lives with a little magic. So allow this new year of luck & expansion to grace your lives with gifts from the divine. Heading into 2022 I wanted to share a reading with everyone to help facilitate their growth and expansion. Stay tuned 👇🏽

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