An Ode To Selfish People

Don't try to connect with me please and thank you

Honestly I hate selfish people. 

The lack of generosity & humility creates this shadow of uncertainty & loneliness that creates an endless void of self centeredness & ego. Making you lose out on trust, and real love. With that energy you will forever push people away & make no one want to deal with you. I just love when people get mad at you for reciprocating the same treatment they supply. Like I am confused on how you can be comfortable with releasing that treatment and energy to other people and when you provide them with the same they don't know how to accept the abuse! Sometimes people choose to pick certain people to hang around, execute activities with, be friends with, or even be in a relationship with. There are energy vampires & narcists out there that prey on beautiful giving hearts. And because we know pain from our childhoods, and early relationships, we crave attention more than we crave real authentic affection. The agony that comes from producing extra energy for them to heal, breath, and exist within our hearts is so over-baring. Like we are all secretly hurting from things in our past and quite frankly I UNDERSTAND it may be hard to acknowledge that, HOWEVER, it is not easy for anyone.

You can always detect the shadows of others when it comes to the cards they deal while providing to another. Is there a cost ? Is there an uncertainty that brings flashbacks from their past ? Is there a blockage because of something they have been through regarding their maternal or paternal relationships ? Is there a relationship that has scared the person? Or are they just selfish because they have trust issues ? However, it is not my job to figure out where it comes from,

"nor is it your responsibility

to nurture their shadows."

If someone doesn't provide you with the love you deserve. Don't beg for attention or love. Don't manipulate them into giving you what you know you deserve. Don't push yourself to absolute drainage to embrace an energy or a bondage that won't make space for you the way you have made space for them. Their trauma is a projection of fears, and shouldn't be placed on you for release. You shouldn't have to carry someone's demons to prove that you "love them." Love, Communication, Treatment, or even shared values of service isn't selfish or self centered. It is and should be unconditional. Selfless. Lovable. Foundational. Not contradictive or one way viewed. Do onto others, the way you want to be treated.

Give love and allow yourself to feel. This world is hard to give love to sometimes and I feel your pain. But do NOT give love to those who don't deserve it. Who do little to fight for you.

"Pour love back into yourself."

Know that you are loved, and that no harsh treatment makes you a bad person. Don't self inflict someone else's wounds.

But you will have to weigh out your options. See whose taking more than giving. But also who you may be taking from constantly without giving back that reciprocity. Remember to have gratitude for those in your life who do give love so you won't take advantage of their generosity.

Giving always brings joy. Just give to those who give back ! -7

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