1st Full Moon of 2022

Welcome to a new year where Cancer always brings in the new year's Full Moon. As some may know Cancer's ruling planet is the Moon. Cancer is all about not only the flow of emotions from the oceanic tides, but also family, connections, love, empathy, intuition, home and extravagant things. The Full Moon in Cancer is known as the Wolf moon. With Neptune being in Pisces and the moon in it's home sign Cancer, this will be the perfect time to jot down any crazy dream you may have !! Your intuition and gut feelings are going to be going off ! Did someone say premonition ? With the watery moon, and the earthy sun, how can you transform within your home and interconnections ? Let's transform these areas so when the Leo full Moon arrives at the end of the month you will be ready to strut your stuff and feel miraculous in your own skin and home ! And you will have great people around you to embrace the spotlight with !

According to Stina Garbis, a psychic and astrologer, "The wolf moon that comes in the dead of winter is a time for transformation and introspection. It is a time of figuring out what you need in order to have a successful life. It's also a time of seeing what's missing and finding truth in what you long for. It's about sacrifice and finding personal truth and discovering your purpose and how it relates to the bigger picture and society as a whole." With this being said, let's aim to take advantage of these transits for our mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health. Giving way for new expansion and new territory to be discovered. Now is the time to really be searching for unexplored areas to lay down more roots. Break barriers, break generational curses & traits, heal your maternal and paternal relationships, aim higher, engage more, subtract what isn't working, and trust the process ! Look down below for ways to keep balanced and level headed during this time ! Let this Full Moon cleanse you, not drown you !

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Full Moon in Cancer

Full Moon remedies

  • Spend time with family , especially your Mom figure
  • Cook for your close friends
  • Have a bonfire, sleepover, with friends or even FT a long distance friend
  • Take a bath / Outdoor shower
  • Clean home/ room / car
  • Have those difficult convos with those who you are on the fence with
  • Decide where you want to expand
  • Decide what needs to be shed/ left in the past
  • Make peace with your past
  • Listen to oldies from childhood to make yourself feel that home effect
  • Watch old movies from childhood
  • Having convos with elders/grandparents
  • Create a new way of reacting/ communicating | Both with self, and others
  • Write down dreams

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