It is what it is

The thought of being suspended in the air for the amount of what I go through isn't enough. I mean I bleed to generate the hard work I put out there. Sometimes I find that I am working harder than most. So I slow down to stop working so hard for a dream that isn't mine. Constantly striving for something that I don't want. But what I need in the present, in order to survive in this economy. I have to continuously remind myself why I am there. That it is only temporary and that the meaning of the entire thing is to strive towards my future. To build a rapport of knowledge and financial literacy that can bridge me to financial freedom.

One quote that makes me aspire to become better is as follows, "Be further than you were last year." That quote makes me want to enhance my abilities and work ethic every time. To build a new level for my life every year. To make hourly or even salary than I did the year before. To celebrate my birthday in a better location than the year before. To have more connected connections every year. To build a rapport of higher paying clients every year. To create a more stable foundation for myself every year. The whole over all goal is to become more successful and resilient than the year prior. To have that much stamina to change the narrative every time. Exhaustion comes from working the same shifts everyday.

Building this false reality of satisfaction & stability that only works for those in America and around the world that yearns for money. This time around I want more than money. I want wealth. Financial wealth that lasts generations. I don't want to constantly worry about money. Just paying my bills and making enough to survive the bare minimum in this economy. My goal is to travel. My goal is to create a web of revenue constantly working while I soak up the sun somewhere on the coast of France. My goal is to completely work for myself. However, I am not a college advocate, so I choose to Ace these interviews to attract the financial linguistics necessary for my success.

I have creative energy flowing out of my ass. But what most creatives struggle with is simple. The financial mentality that builds structure. I wanted to start generating a new life for myself. I wanted to engage in new ways when it came to my relationship with money. I wanted to build a more healthy reaction to what I needed, what I could afford, and what exactly I know is absolute necessities. I realized that more money was going out & not a lot of money was being saved or even balanced enough to keep for a while. But how can I keep most of my bi-weekly share if bills are through the roof, my job isn't paying enough (but giving me knowledge), and the rent in this state and place is spiking!

Now is the time to generate a web of knowledge and a higher perspective ! My perception will grow because I will grow and I will continuously nurture this growing tree. Becoming more abundant every time ! Let this be the moment of rejuvenation and elevation !