Who Are We Really ?

I mean it only took for me to be dragged in the mud and slapped with disrespect, to wake up to my own personal value. I have come to the understanding that there are people out there that weren't raised with selflessness, let alone a connection to their individuality in a celebratory way. We have been peeled back to believe that we are in this world to work for the man or someone else's bullshit company that helps us pay our bills. But then on the other hand, we are taught that our gifts and talents are just illusions, and that we should be more realistic. But when did the complicated way of living & dying become the default ?

I have transformed my life in so many ways & I am still creating the reality I want day to day. I don't like to live by the rules. And quite frankly, I don't like living according to other people's opinions and standards. This etiquette is collected from when we are younger & are told to live by what's right & wrong. Right & wrong usually gets dictated by our parents, the governments, and those in society. But what if what they conditioned us to believe isn't always 100% right ? I am not saying to go out into the world & do vicious things of massive destruction. However, I do speak from a place of realness when I say we live our lives according to the fears, expectations, and needs of other people. Who, if I'm just being honest, don't quite frankly have life figured out themselves. Of course we can find reason & wisdom in the way they have experienced life, and the ins & outs of what to look out for to grow that muscle of discernment. However, when does the act of constructive criticism become a blanket of over bearing guidance & direction ?

We have completely been silencing our voices to create this robotic, conditioned mindset, that has created a terrible recall on humanity. So many lost souls - so many lost thoughts - so many lost voices in a world that only responds to what it's told. But how far can one go until you realize you are no where near your road to life ? But what if there is no road. What if the road exists as long as you exist ? You are the builder, the cultivator, the connection, the thread to the destiny in which we search for on the outside. We seem to always search for ourselves through people, situations, and even sex. But when will we all wake up to notice that the light that we continuously search for... is within .. ?

Why not question the thought. Like how people are told being gay is bad, or that women should wear bras, and or even the fact that men need to be strong 24/7 instead of showing emotion. Who are we to categorize other people based on our own personal expectations ? Circling me back to my initial thought. When will we start questioning things for our own minds ? When will we start asking those questions to challenge the topic at hand. We barricade ourselves into this cage of normal that doesn't actually exist. We have formed traditions, groups or cults, and ways of expression to defeat & condition the very reason we are here on this planet. According to what some majority <<<<< thought the world should be & become. Because wiping us of our ancestry, language, ethics, culture, and voice dates back centuries. To where even now in society we have adapted this way of the mind. We have created our own recipe for disaster and have built our lives around the paradigm of division & superiority.

We now live in a world that has wiped our origins, and we have continued to feed ourselves the origins of those who have dominated us from the very beginning. We know speak the language of them. We have fallen into the abyss of the majority. We do not know who we are ... because we stand un-united as a whole, but speak as lost individuals. So of course we are lost . Of course we are confused. Of course we look for answers everywhere but inside. Because from the very beginning we have been taught that who we truly are, MIRRORS imperfection and ignorance.

The paradigm in which we live, has become the hierarchy of our minds & the pyramid scheme of our lives. The foundation in which we have settled, has become the language that we teach.