"Fear has two meanings. Forget everything and run, or face everything and rise. The choice is yours." - Any

Fear exists within all of us

It is not about the what ifs and the anxiety that rises from the depths of your doubts, generational failures, and from the frequency of your mind. It is about doing the complete opposite of the very step you would normally take. It's about programing an entirely new habit into your daily lifestyle. There is always a new way to expand or to move past what creates that barrier of a monster we call fear. Let me tell you a little story.

bAHAMAS | MAY 2021

Adventure begins once fear is embraced

When I was visited the Bahamas in May 2021, I was at a new turning point in my life. I found a new discovery in releasing fear and allowing strategy to determine my next move. Coming from a place of constant building and planning, it scared the shit out of me to be spontaneous in a place I have never visited. Let alone traveled through. However, this trip my double Aries cousin accompanied me. We completely booked an Airbnb on another Bahamas Island! Lol Americans trying to vacation problems. *Eyeroll* So I was low-key freaking out, and was wondering what exactly we were going to do. So we had to build our next step, day by day. She was very optimistic and nonchalant about exploring new ideas and areas for room and stay. So inspiring I must say, but I am not going to lie to you it scared the shit out of me. Mainly because I felt unprepared and unhopeful about Airbnb locations and prices last minute. Including having my baby cousin with me and shit hitting the fan ! LMAO YA GIRL WAS STRESSIN ! Turns out it was one of the greatest experiences to date because of the spontaneous effect of chance. The entire trip was completely assembled by spontaneity. The only festivities that were planned were the water sport activities, and all the other fun things that actually got cancelled due to intense winds.

This experience was very humbling and remarkably challenging in a great way. It challenged the way I think, the way I respond, the way I plan, and the way I feel about being in a foreign place without any recollection for my next move. Fear was the first thought process I choose because FAILURE was knocking at the door along with safety ! There is absolutely no reason why I should've doubted myself but I did. Making friends with my strength and patience was the best thing I have ever done. It taught me a lot about the courage I rarely use in situations that are foreign to me. Right in the middle of our vacation I contacted the COVID-19 virus that forced me to embrace the new awakening rapidly moving my way. I embraced the unknown at the same time I went in kicking and screaming x) ! From sobbing to optimism. But I knew, that I had to construct the moment and take advantage of what I learned the week prior & also what I learned from my cousin.

I had to become a master of heading into the unknown with the amount of cash I have in my bank account, along with forming a detachment style instead of controlling the narrative. You can't really control what is completely out of your control ! I booked Airbnbs by myself and quarantined because it was the only option I had surviving in a foreign place without family, friends, or even acquaintances. I doubted myself so many times without realizing that I am a master of getting thrown to the wolves and succeeding. The locals were nice and the journey was supported by many. When you decide to move past fear and construct your next moves step by step without forming a road block of uncertainty, you actually conquer the goal. As a result, you are able to explore new territories within the unknown. Giving birth to a new fearless warrior of honor. Making mistakes is just apart of the journey but that doesn't mean you should give up. What it means is.. You should keep on going. You should keep on fighting. You should keep on transpiring. You should keep growing. From growth and perseverance you can really blow your mind on how capable you are of achieving success through being resourceful, resilient, observant, patient, and appreciative. Life begins when you make friends with fear !