This time is all about expansion.

Doing things out of the ordinary.

Wearing fits that speak volumes.

Speaking my truth without looking for a response.

Validating myself because I am enough.

Being around elevated individuals.

Being in a room full of like minded individuals

Collaborating with experienced professionals

Living my Fullest Potential to the highest regard.

Pushing my own limits and doing what scares me.

Bringing my dreams into reality.

Speaking volumes while being silent.

Not needing approval from other people.

Seeking my own judgement instead of being indecisive.

Crying in front of people.

Being vulnerable and allowing love in.

Feeling love, and making space for love.

Creating visions beyond what the two eyes can see.

Seeing from a world map within my soul.

Fishing a new perspective from the unknown.

Traveling to new places that inspire me

Have conversations with people who inspire me to be better

Eliminating factors that make me feel below average.

Aiming towards the top, because that's where I belong.

Not accepting basic treatment because I give out A-1 treatment.

Not letting my past define me because everyday is a new day to change the narrative.

Not letting ex-s back in for personal elevation.

Not looking back because the present is where I need to be.

Breathing in a new kind of air

Existing in a new kind of way

Vibing on a whole new wave

And loving in a new open way

Making space for new things because I am a new woman.

Hear me roar



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