You know what ? I've had enough !

Bruh every time I look up there is something off, something moves, my clothes don't dry because someone turned off the dryer, there is food missing that I BOUGHT, my shower gel is gone (no one bought another one), my energy is fucked with, my aura is dimming, the atmosphere in the house is tampered with due to drama and criticism, I need my own house ! I love my family, but I love me too ! You know when you get to this point of sacrificing all your energy, time, thoughts, personal space, and everything else that gets shared when it comes to living with other individuals? I am quite sure they have also sacrificed. But this is my blog, so you will hear my side of the story lol. But, no honestly I am exhausted of feeling like I need a mask on when I walk through my house; I am tired of not walking around naked and saging everything I come into contact with. Not being able to give a reading at the top of my lungs. Not being able to cook for myself and letting my vegan meal's delicious smell roam my house. The aroma of weed smell to reinvent the new apartment smell. The yoga that can take place when I am waking up, or on my day off. Sharing the parking spot with only me. Laughing at The Simpsons without confining my voice for someone's sleep schedule. Recording my videos without telling someone to be quiet for me to record. For friends to come over, make dinner and drink wine ! Sleep over for any reason. To have someone come through without thinking someone may come home. Getting off and rushing to use the kitchen or balcony because someone gets off at 5pm. I am so tired of creating a space within the space I already inhabit to fit in. I am ready to pay extra to live in my own space. Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually YA GIRL IS CHECKING OUT !