Dive In

Rebirth & Evolution is key

-New Moon in Pisces -

What a day to be alive ! I am moving more & more towards my greatness. Awakening inner goddesses & temptresses that once lived before me. Whose blood & magic runs through my vessels. Illuminating mystical stars within my galaxy. Lighting the way, as I tune in & follow my destiny. Intuitively swimming into depths of the unknown. Trusting uncertainty & utilizing my strength as a balancing force to sink deeper down into my fate. Discovering worlds deeper in the portal of the collective consciousness. Fighting urges of bonding to what was & what lies just beyond the darkness of no return. I make space for those thoughts & souls that once broke me, but taught me how to love myself more. As I let them swim through & out of my mind. Acknowledging their existence, but choosing to release them for growth, expansion, and elevation ! Refusing to let them stay, before I escape back into past regrets & territories I'd have to come back from. I politely let them through & wave them goodbye. As I swim forward into new waters. Embracing what's to come & my new awakening. I am Evolving. How beautiful & courageous.

Coming into contact with like-minded souls on their journeys, and allowing their energy to help me grow and teach me lessons that'll help me uncover my shadows & light. Even more beautifully than before. I am a warrior you see. Healing my own wounds & manifesting my newly awakened alchemy. I am attuning with self & embracing what was, to welcome what will be.