Volume iii

This is the moment it all changed

Even though I am still trying to get my lifestyle together. I have officially gotten much needed closure, because of my abstinence. I have officially been pulled in the direction of ascension. You know why ? Because I started attracting it, once I made space for new. I manifested every bit of it. Keeping myself in the realms of magic and alchemy only. No confusion, no mental break-downs (from men at least), and no more exposure to getting set up for trash. I gave birth to a new paradigm from complete scratch. Like magic butter baby ! This COVID-19 chaos actually landed me a handle full of blessings as much as turned over tables with weave tracks left on the floor ! I went M.I.A. in the dating world & decided to focus on me only. Without relapsing into the depths of hell aka being dickmatized! No more lawd ! I was able to get my credit together, my spirituality more aligned, and my mind is way more focused ! That glow is irreplaceable !

The inner magic is now seen by many. The world is waking up to what makes them feel more foundational ! The inheritance of our soul's destiny, and the ground breaking effect of finally demanding what you deserve! Not just due to settling, but also due to the generational cycles of defeat. We are no longer undertaking what is not ours. What no longer serves us, and what is no longer in our personal DNA. We don't care who knows, or even whose watching ! Which leads me to the next question. Where do I find the truth ? The world praises sex but doesn't want to talk about soul connection and soul exchange when it comes to the interconnection of souls during sex. We see celebrities creating scandals just for attention and extra money. Or even to stay relevant ! But what does it mean to actually be linked to another. The liberational transcendence of your own value & worth & most importantly your own personal choice. Let's dive into what makes us interested, follow through, and even climax...

Leave it to Netflix ..

Let's talk about orgasms

The Goop Lab + Sex, lOVE + gOOP

This show was exactly what I needed. Usually I just go on Netflix and let my mind choose what I should engage in next. Always choosing what my spirit yarns for, and what my heart communicates to me, to watch. In my suggestions, because the Netflix GAWDS love me. They suggested the show that changed my ENTIRE perception of what Sex was all about. Amongst other subjects ! It didn't blur anything out. It was completely honest & what most would deem derogatory. Regardless of how others may see it, and what the reviews may say. I thought & still think it is the most well put together season of greatness you can ask for. I mean from start to finish, I was intrigued, mind blown, informed, and even for some episodes emotional! Literal tears bitch! I mean this show was all about the TABOO convos ! What many know, what many engage in, but what many keep secret due to those with sticks up their asses lol jk. No but seriously, this show was not even close to my radar. Gwyneth Paltrow is a genius. The The Goop Lab team members, were experiencing each topic, episode by episode. Each immersing themselves in the episode's focal point. From psychedelics, to psychics, to energy work, to the woman's vulva and how they described everything involving our female genitalia! I mean I was mind blown from season one, and then they did me & everyone else in society a solid and made season 2 😫😭 Like what ?! I'm addicted. Easy. I literally skipped over the show for other shows plenty. And then I kept going past it & one day said, "You know what ... FUCK IT !" LOL ! And I clicked on it. Every question. Answered. Every worry, smoothed over. Every societal standard, erased ! I mean I felt like a new & improved woman ! I went to health class watching Netflix. I don't even know what my life was before this show ! TBH!

Now let's dive into the deliciousness of season 2 !

This season had so much to offer, that I cried during a few of these episodes. Why ? Because from a young age (I'm sure you've read) I was completely oblivious to what it meant to actually receive pleasure the way I was giving it. Worshipping my temple and letting the right ones do the same ! Asking for what turns me on, and voicing what doesn't. I mean this was a whole new ball game & I was officially ready to explore it. But before you experience, one must first learn ! Season II embarked on a variety of couples. It was encouraging to see a black couple be on the show, along with couples of all ages, shapes, and sexual preferences. The first episode covered (my favorite), the Five Erotic Blueprints Types, that each person may fall into. For some all blueprints may apply.. Both the light & the darkside (All further knowledge quoted & paraphrased from Sexologist & Educator Jaiya from S.2) Let's just say everyone has a love language, but we all also have a sex language ! Let's talk about it...

Starting with the Sexual Blueprint, which has to do with getting aroused from sexual things like movies, nudity, or even just seeing something sexual. Quicker sexual arousal than the others. Second Blueprint: Energetic | The energy that flows & electrifies you & or your partner's body as the anticipation arises. Teasing & major foreplay. The activation of this blueprint likes the mystery, yet the intensity of prolonging. Third | Sensual. This blueprint is activated by the five senses. See, Taste, Touch, Feel, and Smell. This blueprint is for those who also thinks a lot before or during sex. This interaction creates a bond between both parties & creates a trust. Leaving the mind surprised, yet silent for more. Fourth Blueprint| Kinky: Whips, Chains, unusual movements and feels. This blueprint is all about the unorthodox spirit that likes to create a different approach to sex & intimacy. It is a way of pushing one's self out of the box. Generating a new way to think during sex. Which leads to the final finale, The Shapeshifter. 😈 | This chameleon is all about shapeshifting during sex. Embracing all the variety of elements presented and enjoying every.single.one. of them. Leaving little to the imagination, this blueprint evolves during sex, and loves to try new things, and absolutely everything you got on your mind 😉.(To find out about the shadows of each including the more in detail approach to this season click here.) ﹀ With these blueprints this is an ignitor for orgasms and more erotic sex. Leaving both parties engaged and fruitful from intimacy. Not empty, but full.

Now I do want you guys to watch this show both seasons I & II. And let me know what your own personal perception of it is. Both men & women discovered their blueprints & discovered how to orgasm. I found out from taking Jaiya's quiz ! (Link down below) I am a sensual blueprint. Which actually makes a lot of sense for me. I think way too much ! Which is also a CONNECTIVE revelation to my past ! I never felt comfortable or even aroused enough to engage. I have a feeling a lot of the partners I engaged with were opposite erotic blueprints. Or maybe they just weren't tapped in, like I wasn't tapped in. In my opinion they were all sexual erotic blueprints. So now that I know my erotic blueprint... how will I inform others about this discovery ? How do I spread the word ? But also, now that I know this. How will I start expressing what I want. What turns me on ? What I turns me off ? How can I take a deep dive into this new unexplored world ? Safely of course.. Let's talk about it..

Sex Talk & Taboo Convos Volume iv coming soon...