Art Work : Let Me Tell You A Story - Leah Clough

Death & Rebirth

So sweetly wrapped and so sweetly sealed

Breezy winds drifting me to an Encanto that only exists within mind


In the darkness there is a light...

I feel like a scared creature being beckoned to come out of it's cave

Skeptical I look around to spot this bright light spirit

as it made it's way into my darkness, I followed it out

It was so anxious & loving, so I chose to connect

it felt magical and reassuring

where I made war, it made peace.

where I wanted to hate, I chose grace

my rock like heart bloomed like a flower

As we rose into a fire like ignition,

the light source began to transform

transforming into a dark energy that projected outward

inner pain & darkness

What was once bright & shiny turned cold & withdrawn

As it withdraws away I followed it to see if I could ignite the same fire we had once before


our traumatic responses that forcefully rush themselves to our shores,

formed shadow like creatures that emerged from the depths to remind us of our nostalgic

wounds that still lingered from our pasts.

Revealing hidden dark places within our underworlds -

Resurfacing unconcious pains that root so deep

it feels like a dark veil being placed over our mind's eye

Creating a ventriloquist like movement within our bodies

forming trust issues that have risen from the depths

Creating a world that no longer seems like wanderlust - but instead like war

How can one build a foundation on what's still broken ?

What still haunts our very hearts even as we choose to move forward ?

How can we forget what seems to remind us whenever we close our eyes ?

Almost like a daunted thought that stays close to you like a shadow

Attached to you like a month to a flame

dancing around you as it binds you to it's energy

slowly sucking the life out of you as you try to breathe & escape -

I want nothing more than to slay the darkness so that the light I feel in my heart can shine through

The mind can act as a double edged sword,

cutting through the thickness of the darkness;

to form a new paradigm within the soul & mind.

Releasing old patterns that merge a barrier between your heart & mind -

And thus between you and your new connections

Always provoking this inner destruction that destroys anyone it comes into contact with,

including you -

Follow the light into unknown places.

Make peace with your past before you move forward with something new

If you can, take yourself to those moments & reimagine a new mindset

Embrace the fact that you can not take back the past, but can now have a different reaction

May your darkness not evade your present, for it will always derail you & place you backseat to your own life

Choose to want a greater outcome for yourself -

Speak different words -

Say more optimistic phrases -

Take things more slower -

Take more self time of solitude -

Ask yourself why did something offend you, and follow it to the root.

Be brave enough to face your darkest parts of yourself into you discover the light ...

Within you.

From one wound to the next - Believe in your evolution

Be patient with yourself -

Cry if you need , stop trying to hold it all in

Just release & speak & release & scream & release & just be still -

May the love that's meant for you re-enter your life at a time you are ready

and at a time you see fit.

Release what is no longer surviving you by facing it head on - or bit by bit -

Unchain your bond & step into your new awakening.

You are Free