20 Steps forward - 30 Steps back

Within the last few months I've been in a cocoon. Even though there has been consistency with my evolvement, I still feel like there is this mental cage of stagnancy. Persistently wondering why I feel a sense of defeat. Constantly redirecting my mind to acknowledge the abundance has become quite the challenge. I went from being a one woman team to magnetizing an entire production team. Manifesting has been a huge part in revealing my truest purpose and the steps it takes to execute concreate goals. However, as a Phoenix spirit, I am always seeking ways of expansion. Whenever my spirit calls for expansion, I recognize the same reoccurring symptoms (*).

*A sense of stagnancy, boredom, lack of motivation, irritableness, hunger for something new, distractions and so on.

My space continuously feels smaller. *

The perpetually annoying routine of going back to the drawing board. Feeling like the current systematic approach isn't reflecting quality results because of major or minor details that requires adjustments. I am realizing that reengineering the structure within any business calls for constant effort and hands-on adjustments. Creating new paths of exploration and elevational growth. Profound original ideas, and unexplored concepts. Along with, flexibility and keeping an open mind. Nonetheless, I have also picked up on finding a way to have fun & still take care of business. Having fun is apart of being passionate and keeping your inner child alive and well.

Now this is a continuous cycle of death and rebirth. Bringing a reimagined awakening to not only your perspective as a new Business Owner, but also a new perception for life.

This evolution is not impossible. But calls for a consistent need for adaptability. So because this is my passion. I will start widening my horizons. One woman team always even with a team. If I don't hold this up, or believe in it no one will.

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